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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 25, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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thank you so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm brent cannon. coming up at 5:00, we want to get you out the door with christina loren and a look at your hour-by-hour forecast. good morning to you. temperatures are a couple degrees warmer than where we started out yesterday morning. 44 in santa cruz. 46 in san mateo. right now 51 degrees in san francisco. now, heading throughout this afternoon high pressure is still firmly in control. we'll see more cloud cover. only the high wispy clouds. those are the cirrus clouds. for today that means filtered sunshine for us. not quite as much sun as yesterday, but take a look where the temperatures end up. 71 degrees today in los gatos. we are talking about 70 degrees for oakland and san rafael. beautiful conditions continue throughout the week. and i think that you'll like what's in store for this weekend as well. you know what, you have to get to work. it is a tuesday morning. let's find out how the roadways are looking now with mike enyou.
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a lot of folks will want to take coffee breaks outside. you need a traffic break heading out of the city near the lower deck of the bay bridge. it sounds like a traffic break is scheduled as folks make their way through the lower deck. they are setting up a construction zone. keep that in mind heading into the east bay. we have a smooth flow across the bridge in both directions. no delays getting to the bay bridge toll plaza. also, smooth down the east shore freeway. there's still an accident clearing at 580 near san quentin. keep that in mind heading down the richmond bridge. a south bay county will trim $6 million from its budget by cutting back on social services. and to the kind of things that many don't have that we do, these are the things that many rely on. bob redell is live where the county is expected to announce severe budget cuts to an agency that fosters children. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. yes, later this morning the
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santa clara board of supervisors is expected to vote on whether to whack $6 million from the social services agency. which if approved could lead to the layoffs of more than 80 of its workers. roughly a quarter of whom are social workers responsible for enrolling their foster kids in schools and soup vising parents. these people are not the caseworkers themselves but works who nonetheless play an important role in caring for foster children in this county. we have spoken to the director of the social services agency. he points out after years of budget cutbacks he doesn't have anywhere else to cut, especially after what happened last october when then governor arnold schwarzenegger used his line-item veto power to slash $80 million for child protection. >> i think it is part of the reality of the cost to us as a
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society. if we don't want to tax ourselves, then we don't have the services that perhaps we need. and it is a hard set of choices that california faces and our county faces. >> reporter: now, the director of the social services agency here for santa clara county brought up something interesting when he was meeting with another newspaper. he was saying, you know, his agency has had to cut $110 million over the past eight years. the obvious targets have been gone for a long time, that's the reason why some of those dealing with children and helping them could be losing their jobs. that board of supervisors will meet later this morning at 9:00. reporting live in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." thank you, bob. the search will continue this morning for a 4-year-old boy from paterson who was kidnapped one week ago today. search dogs and sonar will be used to look for juliani
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cardenas and jose rodriguez, the man who kidnapped juliani. they are using dogs to pick up the scent at the canal, but not to look for bodies. juliani's mother thinks rodriguez ditched his car and took his son to a nearby friend's house to hide. juliani's mother says there will be a vigil tonight for her son set for 7:00 at her mother's home in paterson. both sides in the so-called spider-man case is expected to make closing arguments today. the man who scaled the san francisco skyscraper took the stand yesterday. daniel "dale" goodwin used suction cups to scale the 59-story millenium towers in the south market neighborhood. goodwin told the courtroom he climbed the tower to draw attention to the vulnerability of skyscrapers to terrorist attacks. he's being charged with trespassing, causing a nuisance
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and avoiding the police. a south bay city will welcome a new vice mayor today. san jose's city council will see madison nguyen sworn in tonight. she will become the first latin-american vice mayor. she will take the office in front of supporters, friends and family. she is vowing to help police fight crime. there have been seven homicides so far in 2011 and many say they feel unsafe. one man says if it doesn't get better in the next few months he may move his family. >> i used to see a lot of police out here. i would feel safe. i would come out with my kid and play with them but i'm going to think about it right now because it is kind of unsafe for my kids. >> south bay police say the budget cuts have affected their ability to patrol areas of
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violent crime. the department has 100 fewer officers than it did more than ten years ago. the surf rescued from mavericks over the weekend is showing signs of improvement. jacob trent's brother says he gave the doctor's a thumbs-up sign. we have video of this massive wave that hit him saturday when he was pushed under water. it was caught on tape by eric nelson, a photographer on a jet ski that pulled his body out of the water. nelson says the photographer did not know jet ski shooting was illegal on saturday. >> the ban on waverunners, kurt didn't go out. the gentleman out there was an australian and didn't know it was against the law. he borrowed a jet ski from a friend. >> he was dead. he had no pulse when they pulled him to the beach. so thank god for those people who brought him back to life. >> jet skis are allowed at
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mavericks when high surf advisories are bumped to a high surf warning, but that didn't happen on saturday. now it is time to talk about changing the rules. san francisco needs 500 volunteers to hit the streets on thursday to get funding for the homeless. they have to do a count of the homeless in streets, jails, shelters and in transitional housing. there's going to be an orientation for volunteers at 7:30 thursday. and then the count will last until midnight. for more information you can call the number on the screen or you can e-mail history will be made at city hall today. lee will be the first mayor in history to meet before the board of supervisors. chris daly created questions to
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help embarrass gavin newsom. voters approved the push in november and today lee will be in the hot seat for the first time. the grand plans for the area around san jose's station will be unveiled tonight at the city council meeting. a committee appointed by mayor chuck reed had 22 meetings during the past year and a half to try to develop the plan. it includes development space for businesses, entertainment, retail, office buildings and residential property. the timing of the development could depend on whether the oakland a's move to san jose. it does feel like spring training weather out there. it feels like spring already in january. what gives? >> well, we have a big stubborn ridge of high pressure. good morning to you. we do have some reduced visibility that we want to bring to your attention before you head out the front door. especially if you are headed from the east bay to north bay this morning or even headed inland where you'll see fog this morning in places like oakland, livermore and concord.
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heading throughout the morning, we have a moist layer at the surface with fog creeping in from the delta as well. probably more fog formation as we head through the next couple of hours. after that, the sunshine will be back out and temperatures will climb a little bit warmer than where we ended up yesterday. 41 in livermore. 44 degrees down in santa cruz. we broke temperature record yesterday. we'll talk about those coming up. this is what's happening. here's your satellite picture. you can see all the clouds arcing up around this big area of high pressure. it looks like it won't go anywhere. the only difference between yesterday and today is more cloud cover heading throughout the afternoon. and temperatures are going to climb to the 71-degree mark. santa cruz, 72 degrees is the forecasted high. 70 in san jose. 70 in livermore. here's a look at the extended outlook. a little more cloud cover for the weekend. overall, it is still staying mild. 63 degrees by sunday. we have a 20% chance of rain on sunday. and then heading to the end of next week a better chance of rain. so that's a look at weather. now we'll get a check on your
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traffic with mike inouye. good morning, christina. you will use up all the 70s before spring arrives. we'll look at the roadways where we have an accident clearing from 580 right around sanguine tip. we have activity on the shoulder. some damage to the car but no injuries to the people in the car. that's good news. with we have a smooth drive here coming down through santa rosa. keep that in mind for the north bay commuters. fairfield coming into the cartinas bridge, we have a little fog there. the speeds are moving just fine across the cartinas and venetia bridges. 68 on the right will turn to 30 miles per hour at 5:40. we'll take a look at that and check before that. back to you. thank you, mike. >> the time is 5:10. a bay area city plan to help people remove their tattoos. we'll tell you about that and why. headed to washington.
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the small business owner that caught the eye of the white house. and now he'll have a front row at tonight's state of the union address.
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good morning to you. welcome to tuesday morning. welcome to our brand new studio here. we are giving you a little behind-the-scenes glimpse of what's going on. >> scott, you can play big video games there. >> i know. >> and we could watch the super bowl. there's a lot of finger pointing in russia after a deadly explosion inside one of the country's largest airports. russian president dmitry medvedev says airport officials are responsible for security failures that led to yesterday's blast. but the airport says russian transport police are to blame. we have some new video of that
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explosion moments after it happened yesterday, but we want to warn you it is graphic. 35 people were killed and more than 100 others were injured when a suicide bomber walked into the airport into the baggage terminal. nobody has claimed responsibility for that blast, although islamic militants have been blamed for previous deadly attacks in moscow. russia's president is vowing to track down those responsible. the man accused of wounding six people and several others gave his plea in tucson yesterday in court. they also told a judge they will not detest the move back to tucson. jared loughner was wearing glasses, growing out his hair, he did not say a word during the hearing. he is charged with multiple
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accounts of murder, and we are hearing they are seeking the death penalty. >> the decision to seek the death penalty ultimately comes from washington, actually, ultimately comes from eric holder. >> congresswoman gabrielle giffords is moving forward with therapy and could be transferred to a rehab center in houston by the end of this week. former gang members have a new way to move ahead in life. the city of san jose has a program to remove gang-related a dues. they are targeted youth between the ages of 14 and 25 helping them to find a job and develop a new lifestyle. to take part young people must be a san jose resident and must attend a support group to complete community service. the city is sponsoring a gang-prevention summit this weekend. they are trying to promote safe communities to various workshops. a federal judge will hear a first of its kind story today for a woman fired for
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complaining about her boss on facebook. dawn marie suza worked at american medical response when she made the comments on her personal facebook page. her coworkers commented about what she wrote and she was fired soon after. she took her case to the national labor relations board. the board sued amr claiming employees are allowed to talk about work conditions on their own time. the hearing could be the first of many similar cases as more workers use social networking sites to talk about their jobs. subaru is looking to move new cars through the port of richmond. it is work on a five-year contract with the port. if approved it would need 40 full-time jobs and bring in an estimated $1 million annually for the port. apple took over the cell phone industry, and now apple is set to take on credit cards. >> good morning. we fully expect the new iphone5
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which will have a special chip inside, one you may already have in your credit card that allows you to tap a card reader without swiping anything. it could open up your iphone to be a payment system. tap your iphone on the reader at the 7/11 or mcdonald's and the money is deducted right from your bank account. bloomberg reports that technology will indeed be in iphone5 and apple ipad2. there are very few tesla cars in the world, and you can one of them for $25 per hour. a start-up company is offering tesla cars for rent. it connects those with own a tesla with those who want to drive one. the rental company covers the insurance. the $25/hour offer is only good for the month of january. a two-hour minimum, and you have to be at least 30 years old.
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so laura -- brent can drive but you later will be able to enjoy it. >> i'll look forward to that. thank you, scott, my friend. it is 5:18 right now. and the winner is -- last year's supporting actress winner monique will join the economy for the motion picture president to announce the top prize with ten of the biggest categories this morning. among the films likely to receive oscar noms this morning are "the social network" that grabs four golden globes including best picture. "black swan" won for best actress in natalie portman. the awards will be handed out on sunday, february 7th. we'll have the nominations coming up later for you in the newscast. boy, we need to get caught up. >> one of these years. 5:19. we want to get caught up on the forecast. for that we can go right tow now
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to christina. >> i can just put it on autopilot the next few days because it will be sunny each and every afternoon. and pretty cool each and every morning. abnormally cool for this time of the year, but we'll warm to the 70s in santa rosa today. we tied a temperature record of 69 degrees in santa rosa. that was the high yesterday. also, concord, 67 degrees. fairfield, 67 degrees. also temperature records in those two cities because it is just so warm for january, and temperatures as we head throughout the afternoon will be a little warmer today than they were yesterday if you can believe it. the only difference is, i want to point this out, you'll notice a few more high clouds passing through the bay area as we head throughout this afternoon. so that means filtered sunshine. not quite as much sunshine as yesterday, but still mild conditions. really comfortable conditions as you hid to the lunch break. downright balmy in oakland. 70 degrees at 3:00 p.m. 70 degrees in san jose.
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and we are really not going to take our temperatures down all that much heading throughout the next five to six days. it will be beautiful around here. we'll look at the temperatures now. tomorrow, 68 degrees, lots of sunshine. a few more clouds thursday into friday. maybe a chance for rain on sunday with clouds increasing. about a 20% chance. hope flay number will bump up heading throughout the next couple of days. we'll keep watching, but i think we have a good chance of rain towards the end of next week. that's what the models say for now. back to you guys. it is so far out. enjoy where we are. thank you. >> 5:21, the state budget deficit is getting larger every single day, but now state lawmakers are coming under scrutiny for spending your tax dollars to fill up their gas tanks. we'll see who the worst offenders are and if it is legal for them to do that coming up. and guests with the first lady. we'll tell you why this man will mingle with the first family tonight and get a front row seat at the state of the union. plus, drivers beware.
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the northern california city that will charm you hundreds of dollars if you get into an accident within the city limits.
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good morning, folks. we'll take you to the area by the coliseum for construction that's still going on. stick around until 6:00 a.m. for
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the southbound side. just a couple lanes blocked. no major slowing near 466. it is a little slow westbound. that's traveling around the area where likely we have more folks hitting the roadways. the bay bridge toll plaza itself, here's a live look showing a smooth drive and pretty light volume. it is tuesday where we'll see a heavier volume and bigger backup starting at 6:20 over there for that to start. further south near the san mateo bridge and the approach is moving slowly off 880. no delays for 101 along the peninsula passing the dumbarton bridge. you'll see slowdowns heading through palo alto at 7:30. also the sun will get in your eyes. a beautiful forecast heading to the south bay. no issues right at the 101 and 680 interchange. also heading into the mountains it is beautiful. >> they have a lot to off, too. a couple of santa cruz business owners will get a front
5:26 am
row seat at tonight's state of the union address. >> zak davis and kendra baker and their spouses will sit with michelle obama tonight. davis and baker own the penny ice creamery. they came to the white house's attention back in november when they posted a youtube video thanking the obama administration for the american recovery and investment act. the money helped them to open their business with a $250,000 loan. also joining the first lady tonight, jim houser, the owner of an oregon repair shop. he wrote a letter to the administration thanking them for the health care reform law. it continues to provide insurance for his nine employees. he received an invitation to the state of the union last week and didn't think twice about accepted. >> it took me a half a second. you just don't hesitate on something like this. you may change your mind. there could be a list of people to ask if i hesitated. >> probably.
5:27 am
houser will take his daughter to tonight's speech. all the first lady's guests get to attend the white house reception before they head to the capitol for the state of the union address. 5:26 right now. a well-known travel website releasing its list of the dirtiest hotels in the united states. and a bay area hotel made the list. and san francisco took aim at plastic bags and targeted styrofoam containers. now we'll show you what's on the city's radar. and comics are getting ready to kill off one of the heroes, we'll show you which one. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles in 3 days-- i can do that. 60 miles compared to what a cancer patient goes through is a walk in the park. from the moment i registered, people started
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new this morning, a new buy sickle trail is coming to the east bay. it will probably roll right by a b.a.r.t. station, but the cost isn't cheap. i'm christie smith, we'll be talking about that coming up in a live report. and it is decision time. students in one east bay school district will find out later on today if their school could be closed next year. plus, now hiring. we'll take a look at which local companies have the most job openings. and a live look outside this morning from the south bay. a nice start to the day. again, another one on tap today. it is january 25th, "today in the bay." good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. 5:30 this tuesday morning. here's a quick look at the forecast with christina.
5:31 am
>> good morning to you. another beautiful day with temperatures in the 70s. even warmer than where we ended up yesterday. a record-breaking day forecasted for the bay area. and right now we are starting owl relatively mild in san jose, 44 degrees. 46 in santa cruz. 46 in san mateo. we are going to end up much warmer this afternoon. temperatures are approaching 70 degrees in fairfield. san rafael, san francisco and santa cruz will see a really warm day today. we'll tell you why and how much longer it is expected to last and what it is doing to the air quality. we have a concern in that department. that's coming up. back to you guys. thank you. it is full speed ahead so far for a plan to transform what is under a 12-mile stretch of part of b.a.r.t. tracks in the east bay. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live with where the money for this project is coming from. >> reporter: good morning to you, brent. so far about $2.5 million is set aside to pay for the bike trail
5:32 am
which sounds like enough, but it is not even close. that's because the total price tag is about $30 million. we are talking about a 12-mile bike trail that end up to be $2.5 million per mile which may sound a little steep to you, but the alameda transportation commission is moving forward with the east bay greenway. a landscaped car-free bike route from this b.a.r.t. station all the way to past hayward with a walking trail. and it will wind under the elevated b.a.r.t. tracks. a million dollars is coming from a county tax. another $1.5 million from federal stimulus dollars. even though the trail doesn't have much of an environmental impact, they hired a consultant to conduct a review. it will benefit shopping centers like bay fair mall and improve
5:33 am
buy sickle access to amtrak and bus centers in the area. environmental clearage should come by 2012, but they still need nor state and federal dollars to make it happen. kris steve christie smith, "today in the bay." governor brown is dealing with a $25 billion deficit and every expenditure is getting a hard look. the san francisco "chronicle" reports california taxpayers paid almost $300,000 last year for gas credit cards for assembly and senate members. those state issue cards have no limit. among the top spenders, leland ye of san francisco. papers say he spent more than $5,300 last year on his gas card. the worst violators in the assembly, jim nielson of tahama county in northern california
5:34 am
where he spent $10,500 last year. the future of several east bay schools goes up before the mount diablo school board today. trustees are expected to receive more details on closure recommendations at tonight's meeting. they are looking at three options involving seven schools to save $1.5 million per year. each scenario lists three schools that should be shuttered. tonight's meeting will be at monte gardens in concord at 7:30. the board will make a final vote on the closures. this is just the recommendation, but the final vote is set for february 8th. the schools set to be closed will be closed for the 2011/2012 school year that begins in august. an autopsy will take place today in the murder of a 27-year-old alameda woman. casey's body was found in a parked car in vallejo early saturday morning. police arrested one man in connection with her murder. they are looking for another. they are trying to find this
5:35 am
man, tido leflare. police say he is armed and dangerous. if you have information call vallejo police. a new legal fight is brewing over circumstance circumcision. the state attorney general is being asked to prosecute the procedure done at or near birth. the reverend laroy says the young men should have the right to decide whether they want to be circumsized and says since part of removing a girl's genitals is illegal so should it be to remove a boy's. city council will vote tonight on whether to charge non-residents hundreds of dollars when they get in a wreck. this could only apply when the city fire department respond to the scene. a growing number of cities across the state have adopted the so the-call ed cash tax.
5:36 am
critics argue the public is already burdened with too many taxes. several cities have banished the crash tack. jean quan will meet with school leaders at cottage prep today to announce the launch of a community policing and mentoring program called youth safe haven meant to help keep kids out of trouble and improve community/police relations. san francisco city leaders are taking up a new cause. they are hoping to fight litter and calm the anger of some neighbors by setting new rules for flyer distribution on public properties. the law would not ban the flyers, instead it would require those passing them out to make sure they won't be blowing into the street. the plan passed the committee yesterday. the full board will consider it
5:37 am
next month. a new list is out today to put the east bay hotel on a list that it probably would rather not be on. the dirtiest in america. according to trip adviser, the jack london inn in oakland is the second dirtiest hotel in america. 80% of the people who reviewed the inn say they would not have recommended it to a friend. the number one dirtiest hotel in 2011 is in tennessee. the brand hotel resort and convention center in the town of pigeon forge. hotel carter in new york city for number four. rounding out the top five, the polynesian golf resort in myrtle beach, south carolina. >> i bet in you jump online they have vacancies. a package deal. you get a little more than you bargained for. 5:37 right now. we'll check on the forecast. >> way to top that list, everybody. good job there. good job. we are looking good this morning with temperatures in the 40s.
5:38 am
44 degrees in oakland right now. 41 degrees in livermore. 45 in san jose. on average about two to three degrees warmer. we'll end up two to three degrees warmer this afternoon as a result with temperatures in the 70s today. it will be a record breaking day just like yesterday. 70 degrees in san jose. 70 for oakland. 70 degrees is the forecasted high in san rafael. heading throughout the next few days the sunshine continues. maybe a rain chance heading through sunday. about 20% right now. we'll continue to watch that as it pertains to the north bay. 60 degrees by monday. heading to the end of next week we'll see the pineapple express come back into our area. if you have been missing the rain, it will return by next week. do you miss the rain? >> sure, just not on my head or my car. the roadways have 100% slowing for highway 4 right there. antioch is kicking it off on schedule. a little more extensive than we see.
5:39 am
heavy volume is coming off the antioch bridge near hillcrest and love ridge. also a smooth drive with some fog north of the cartinas and venetia bridges. keep that in mind heading north out of the east bay up to the areas for 880 and 680. we'll send it back to the desk for now. back to you guys. the time is 5:39. up next, live from washington where president obama is getting ready to give his state of the union address. and a new app that can help you get back to work without the stop-and-go traffic. we are keeping an eye on hollywood this morning because we have a live look at when the oscar nominations will soon be announced. we'll take you there coming up. and a live look outside at the beautiful bay bridge. i love how it glistens in its glory with all the lights on this morning. we'll bring you the rest of the morning's commute all morning long. 5:39 right now. [ male announcer ] 95% of all americans aren't getting enough whole grain.
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with the taste y le. get started on the whole grain you're missing with your favorite big g cereals. make sure to look for the white check. "how to treat your dragon." the "illusionist" and "toy story 3." >> finally, i'm pleased to announce the tenth film selected at the best picture nominee for 2010 are "black swan." scott franklin is the producer. "the fighter" with todd lieberman and mark wahlberg. "inception" emma thomas and christopher nolan producers. "the kits kids are all right." "the king's speech."
5:43 am
ian canning, neil sherman, producers. "127 hours" christian coalson, danny boil and john smithson, producers. "the social network" dana bernetei, producer. "toy story 3." "true grit" ethan cohen and john cohen, producers. "and winter's bone" alex madigan, producer. >> best picture nominees coming out this morning at the/for the economy awards on the heels of the golden globes. we'll have the full list coming up in a bit. but first, the state of the union was delivered by george washington in 1790. it was 833 words. tonight's speech by president obama will be much, much longer. tracie potts is live in
5:44 am
washington with more on what he's expected to say. tracie, the white house has leaked enough of the speech that people feel they have already heard it. >> reporter: well, we know what the major things are going to be, jobs, invasion, making america competitive. republicans want to hear how we are going to slash $100 billion out of the federal budget. in fact, before president obama takes the podium republicans plan a vote where they are going to take a look at how much they can cut out of the federal budget. about 10%, not necessarily across the board. some areas like education could get hit more. democrats say that could cost jobs. they want a firm number from the republican leadership in the house, what do you want to cut? the political climate here, at least five dozen members of congress said they are going to sit next to someone of the opposing party. democrats and republicans not on opposite sides of the aisle as they normally are. we do know that several vips are
5:45 am
invited, some people who were involved in the arizona shooting, others business people from around the country, mark kelly, the husband of congresswoman gabrielle giffords declined. he was invited and said he wants to stay by his wife's side. tonight the republican response coming from paul ryan who is the republican now in charge of the budget committee. and the tea party has designated michelle bachmann to do their response. president obama will probably be tweaking his words late into the afternoon. laura? >> we'll all be watching. thank you very much, tracie. join nbc bay area for nbc's coverage of the state of the union address. at 5:00 we'll have a preview of the state of the yoondown address. then at 6:00 we'll broadcast it live from the nation's capital. then later tonight we'll have highlights and analysis of the address and what it means to you. job creation will be at the top of the president's agenda tonight. it could be good timing
5:46 am
considering that a lot of corporate america is hiring these days. marla tellez is joining us with that including who is looking for employees right here at home. marla? >> reporter: brent, this morning it is more an in-depth look at who is accepting resumés. i told you yesterday more than half of california businesses are expected to hire and give raises this year. that's according to the employers association of america. today is more of the same, good news from "fortune" magazine. they released the best 100 companies to work for list, including 25 businesses that have at least 700 openings. mountain view-based google ranked fourth on the list as the best company to work for. but if you are looking to get out of the unemployment line, you can consider the three top hiring companies in the san francisco bay area. they are ernst&young that handles corporate services with offices in san francisco, san jose, palo alto and pleasanton.
5:47 am
at&t number two with offices throughout the bay area. and hill college in san jose. now, all three companies have 1,000 or more jobs available. and a reputation of a good place to work. now, according to the bureau of labor statistics san francisco's unemployment rate hovers near 9% while silicon valley's is 11%. president obama is expected to express commitment to the jobs in the high unemployment rates in tonight's address. brent and laura, we'll wait to see if the economy will be inspired. >> thank you very much. the time is 5:47. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we'll get to traffic and weather in a few minutes. >> it has been a few minutes. >> wow, just a few seconds. good morning to you. things are looking good right now. we had records yesterday.
5:48 am
it was so warm that we actually broke temperature records. santa rosa, concord, hayward, napa, the big winner was santa rosa with 69 degrees. 67 degrees in concord and hayward. and napa, 65 degrees. and a new record. today we'll be even warmer than where we were yesterday because we are starting out warmer. i'm concerned with the development of patchy, dense fog in tooes bay and the north bay heading throughout the morning. and visibilities in fairfield are a half a mile. you have 3/4 a mile in santa rosa. perfect visibility this morning courtesy of offshore flow along the peninsula. heading throughout this afternoon, temperatures are going to climb. already starting how out mild. 44 in santa cruz. 45 degrees in san jose. we will see filtered sunshine with a few more high clouds making their way into the bay area today. staying nice and mild. take a look at the numbers for today. 69 degrees in redwood city. 70 for concord. 7in san jose. 70 in san jose.
5:49 am
72 in santa cruz. likely when we meet back here tomorrow morning, we'll be talking about more records and this warm, dry trend that continues into next week. let's talk to mike inouye to find out if there are problems on the roadways this morning. christina, the fog is one issue you are talking about near fairfield and santa rosa. reduced visibilities there. we'll take you live to the bay bridge toll plaza where visibility is not a problem, but the congestion will be. look at this, more headlights moving through the area. to the toll gate and the metering lights that are off right now, they will be turned on shortly. approaching the maze, we see a nice flow of traffic. but things are starting to get more crowded. on the east shore freeway, an 18-minute drive off the cartinas bridge and venetia bridge. east of there we have a big slowdown starting for tuesday morning. typical slowing off the antioch bridge with speeds down below 20 miles per hour now. back to you. thank you very much. for the second time in the past three months santa clara county workers plan to picket today. they want to bring transparency
5:50 am
to the santa clara bureau courts. more than 100 court workers successfully picketed wasteful spending including paying their ceo more than $330,000 a year. today they plan to picket at market street and st. john's street beginning at noon. a man who played a role in the 1998 conspiracy to bomb two u.s. embassies in africa will be sentenced today. the man will be sentenced after he was convicted last year of a single count of conspiracy and acquitted of 281 other counts. he could face 20 years to life in prison on the charge. according to his lawyer the former guantanamo bay detainee didn't know the extent of his role in the conspiracies. prosecutors are seeking a life sentence. the san jose man is in jail after pointing a laser at a small plane taking off in bellevue and pointing it again at a police helicopter searching
5:51 am
for him. police responded to the area near the airport last night. they located the suspect when he lasered the police chopper. experts say the pen-like lasers can temporarily blind pilots and cause big problems, especially during takeoff and landing. san jose is third on a dangerous list of incidents involving lasers and aircraft. 80 incidents occurred at minetta airport last year. >> a police chase near los angeles came to a dramatic end overnight. take a look here at the driver of the vols wagon pasat that tried to outrun police and hit another car at the intersection. both cars went spinning in the collision there. the suspect then got out and actually fought with officers before he finally got under control. investigators say the chase started in pasadena when the driver committed what they call a minor traffic violation. no word yet on the condition of the other car that got t-boned. that can be pretty devastated.
5:52 am
also in southern california, crews are fighting a massive wildfire. look at that. this is a fire at a warehouse. the flames were 20 feet high out the roof of the former saddlebag inn in santa ana. authorities think the building was vacant at the time. the hotel was popular several decades ago, but more recently it had been used for fixed income housing until early last year. they believe it was vacant and caught fire, but they don't know how it started. later this morning the san ramon fire district says it will announce new iphone app is to radically change the way emergencies are handled. the department is keeping a lot of it secret. we'll tell you all about it tonight at 6:00 after we find out. the new effort will be announced at the san ramon community center in san ramon at 10:00. the san ramon fire department covers san ramon and danville. if you want to check on your income tax return, you know what, there is an app for that
5:53 am
as well. the internal revenue service has added a smartphone app called irs to go to let those check on their tax refunds. tax tips from the irs are also available for those who use iphones or androids and personal information is encrypted for safety. the free app is downloaded at the apple app store or the android marketplace. all right. meanwhile, scott mcgrew says big changes are coming to and could hurt local business. >> amazon has been offering a lot of free shipping lately. you may have done this yourself. i need to pick up whatever on my way home from work, or i could just order from amazon right now and have it delivered and not run any errands. this morning "the wall street journal" says amazon will expand the system that tempted everyone with its own delivery trucks. it has been tested in seattle. they call it amazon totes. so grocery delivery could be part of this too. that is a little bit like web
5:54 am
vans. we'll wait to watch that. also, what he has been a mess lately looking for its identity. microsoft once offered to buy yahoo! for $47 billion. it is now worth $21 billion. now, brent and laura, we are expecting to hear okay revenue out of it. i was at an award ceremony on friday, and it is sort of a tech roast. and the people making the jokes just out and out said, we are not going to joke about yahoo!. there's just nothing -- it is not nice. you can't even roast them. >> thank you, scott. a human torch burns no more in the latest issue of johnny storms life is taken amid a massive battle that writer jonathan hingeman has been scripting for a year and a half.
5:55 am
marvel made no hint that a member would die but who remains a secret until the release of issue number 587 today. it is the human torch. teammates mr. fantastic, invisible woman are saying they must pick up the pieces and move forward. we have fantastic weather, that's for sure. >> i was also a d.c. comic girl myself. we are looking good right now, except we have dense, patchy fog this morning in places like fairfield. we have a half a mile of visibility there right now. 3/4 a mile visibility in santa rosa, meanwhile. we are looking good for the most part everywhere else. we'll see patchy, dense fog drifting from the east bay to the north bay this morning. it is filtering in through the delta. we have a dense fog advisory in place for the entire san joaquin valley until 11:00 a.m. we are starting out a little warmer. grab that jacket on your way out to work this morning, but
5:56 am
something you can take off later with temperatures in the 70s. 41 degrees right now in concord turning over to 70 degrees heading throughout this afternoon as high pressure firmly is in control of the weather pattern. not budgeting for the next five to six days. 70 degrees in oakland. 69 degrees in the valley today. and 70 in fairfield. so this is what we are looking towards the next few days. this is the warmest day in the forecast period. 68 by thursday. finally, a little cooler on monday. we'll take it down to 60. but maybe some light scattered showers on sundayment back to you guys. 5:56. as the super bowl draws near, you'll hear a lot of great stories, but probably none of them will take the cake like this one. >> two coworkers will be in the stands at this year's game side by side cheering for different teams. it doesn't sound too interesting until you find out diane brownie and joist nance share a bond because their sons play in the nfl. one for the steelers, the other for the packers. they have spent years sharing football stories at work.
5:57 am
on february 6 they are going to share seats at the super bowl side by side. those women have very different takes on who is going to win. >> there's a rivalry because we both won. but the steelers are going to take the win, okay? >> don't expect to see either son playing. dmitry nance is a rookie. and the other is on the practice squad. >> loyalties to your team. 5:57 right now. comenting up at 6:00, find out what you see at the raiders and 49ers games that you probably won't see at the super bowl. also, a lawsuit with taco bell. we'll find out what claim is being made.
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